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Clothes of the Common People In Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Volume 19: Hats and Caps.


This volume covers both men's and women's headwear, or the lack of it, but excludes women's linen headwear such as kerchers, cloths and coifs. These are covered in Volume 23 which deals with women's linens in general.

Headwear at this time is grouped into two main terms, hats and caps. As will be seen below hats include a wide variety of materials including felted wools, paste board and straw, and caps are normally made of knitted wool with a few types made of woven fabrics. The shape is less linked to the name than to the nature of the materials and objects such as the “hatt capp” issued by Monmouthshire to levy soldiers in 1602 indicate a fuzziness in the definitions at the period.


Chapter Title Page
Bare Heads
Men 3
Cutting Hair 4
Wigs 5
Facial Hair 5
Women's Hair 6
Cap Making 7
Types of Caps
Monteroes 9
Monmouth Caps 13
Baltic Caps 26
Buttoned Caps 20
Labourers Caps 23
Nightcaps and other Caps 24
Women's Caps 30
Coloured Caps 32
Welsh Wigs 35
Hats 37
Common Peoples Hat Materials 41
Felt Hats 42
Non Felt Hats 50
Hat Colours and Construction 51
Straw Hats 53
Women's Hat Styles 56
Men's Hat Styles 61
Hat Bands 72
Hat Band Styles 75
Accessories and Maintenance 80

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