photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Clothes of the Common People In Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Volume 20: Footware.


This book is slightly different to the other books on particular garments in that it does not try to enable the reader to reconstruct footwear. That is a far more specialized topic and would require a very different book. What it is intended to do is provide an idea of the nature of common people's footwear throughout the period to enable those readers who require such footwear to order exactly what they should have from the small number of highly skilled and experienced reproduction footwear manufacturers operating in England and North America.


Chapter Title Page
Period Footwear Terminology
Boots 3
Lower Calf length boots, High Shoes and Low Shoes 6
Buckled high shoes 7
Calf length boots 8
Startups 12
Buskins 13
Galloshes and Pantofles 15
Slippers and Pattens 17
Footwear Styles
Slip On 18
Latchet 24
Shoes with Stepped Heels 27
Shoe Decoration 29
Shoe Sizes 30
Shoe Price 32
Shoe Making 35
2 and 3 soled shoes 45
Raw Materials 46
Shoe Weights 50
Speed of Production 51
Shoe Repairs 52
Surviving Footwear 53
Reproductions of Common Period Footwear 58
Using Period Footwear: Experimental History Results 59
References and Abbreviations 60

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