photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Clothes of the Common People In Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Volume 13: Coats and Cassocks


Male coats and cassock are outer garments normally with sleeves in contrast to the Jerkins, jackets and Mandillions in the previous volume which are normally sleeveless.


Chapter Title Page
Coats 3
Detachable sleeves 4
Coat Colours 5
Coat Materials 12
Coat Construction 17
Coat Decoration 18
Horseman's Coat 18
Jump Coat 20
Livery Coats 21
Mourning Coats 21
Privy Coats and Turned Coats 22
Coat Styles 23
The Maldon Coat 35
Military Coats 37
Coat Reconstructions and Patterns 43
Cassocks 52
Sailors Cassocks 52
Canvas Cassock 54
Land Based Civilian Cassocks 55
Military Cassocks 56
Cassocks' Reconstruction and Pattern 59

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