photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Clothes of the Common People In Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Volume 18: Accessories: Stockings, Girdles, Badges, Gloves and Pouches.


This volume, and the next two on headwear and footwear, covers a variety of items which seem to have been generally similar when worn by both common English men and women.


Chapter Title Page
Netherstocks 3
Stockings and Hose 4
Stocking Styles 6
Knitted Stockings 9
Cloth Stockings 14
Non Woollen Stockings 18
Stocking Colours 18
Boot Hose and Socks 20
Making Cloth Cut Stockings 21
Making Knitted Stockings 23
Garters 26
Gloves 33
Agricultural Gloves 35
Other Gloves 36
Women's Gloves 39
Belts and Girdles 41
Badges 46
Wearing Knives, Keys and other items 49
Bags, Purses and Pouches 52
Black Boxes 52
Money Bags 53
Day Bags 54
Waist bags 55
Purses 57
Snapsacks 61
Jewellery 62

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