photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Special Living History Events

More info: Historical Feasts and Interpretive Events

The company has provided accurate historical feasts and banquets for museum openings and special occasions.

Examples include:

  • Buffet for 100 for the opening of the herb garden at Ford Green Hall in Stoke on Trent.
  • 36 dish feast for 100 in Wells Cathedral as part of the 400th anniversary celebrations of the town'’ charter, organised by Wells Museum.
  • Fund Raising events at Hall Place Bexley Heath for the Bexley Heritage Trust for the past 5 years including a Banquet for the London Mayors in 2006.
  • 400th anniversary of the building of Charlton House for the Borough of Greenwich.
  • Staff Christmas feast for the Geffrye Museum London

We have operated when necessary in buildings with no catering facilities such as The Commandery Museum Worcester, the Red Lodge Museum in Bristol, Minster Lovell Tithe Barn and Pembroke Castle.

We are able to offer historically accurate events as we publish over 40 volumes on period cookery and operate 3 smallholdings to produce period varieties of fruit, vegetables and animals.

Interpretive Events

We provide living history and other displays for museums and heritage organizations as diverse as English Heritage, The National Trust, The Worker Education Association, The Red Lodge Museum Bristol, Bexley Heritage Trust and Melton Mowbray Food Festival.