photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm


Our company supplies large quantities of sheepskins particularly for display purposes. Almost all the skins are seconds and this is reflected in the very competitive prices. The price reflects the size of the skin, the degree of imperfection and the length of the wool.

  • £10 Skins
    These are generally small-medium may have irregular length generally short white wool, bald patches or holes in the leather or a combination of these defects. Clients generally either use them cut up for helmet, boot or scabbard liners, cannon mops or to cover the floors of tents or boxes.
  • £15 Skins
    Standard: Generally long wool sheepskins of reasonable size but with major irregularities is shape or moderate bald patches. Typically used as economy sleeping skins. Also very large short wool skins with few defects.
  • £20 Skins
    Long wool white sheepskins with hard backs of good size relatively rough looking but make good sleeping skins.
  • £25 Cot liners
    Short dense wool evenly clipped with minor blemishes. White/ slightly orange only. Do not use long wool with infants as they suck the ends and choke. Erratic availability.
  • £25 Skins
    Long wool white sheepskins of good size with minor defects often difficult to detect. Used for bedside rugs and premium sleeping skins.
  • Coloured Skins
    Natural [undyed] coloured skins are not always available and in general are £5 more expensive than the equivalent white. Limited supplies of dyed skins particularly black are often available in stock.


The company holds hundreds of second grade skins but generally does not stockpile first grade.

We can obtain first grade White, Naturally Coloured and Dyed sheepskins to order in a wide variety of sizes and qualities. Please enquire for details.

Other species:

Very occasionally we obtain skins of other species such as Mock Wolf [Alsatian], Wild Boar, Deer, Goat, Calf etc. Please contact us for latest availability.

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