photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Clothes of the Common People In Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Volume 7: Who Wore What and When (Part 1).

Clothing Acquisition, Regional and Ethnic Variations, Maintenance and Sewing Equipment


Chapter Title Page
1: Clothing Acquisition Acquiring the Components 3
Middle Class Clothes 5
Labouring Class Clothes 8
The Dependant Poor 12
Imported Clothes 18
Second Hand Clothes 19
2: Duration and Quantity
How long did clothes last? 22
How much clothing did they have? 26
3: Ethnic Minorities 28
4: English Variations
English Regional Variations 36
The Rural-Urban divide 37
The Military-Civilian divide 38
Holiday Clothes 39
Nightwear 42
5: Repair and Maintenance
Washing 44
Repair 47
6: Sewing Equipment
Pins 49
Needles 50
Thimbles 51
Awls and Bodkins 52
Scissors and Shears 53
Irons 54
Marking out 56

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