photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century building

Stuart Press Publications

All Stuart Press books are A5 size unless otherwise stated and may be ordered by post from the address above. Please enclose an A5 stamped addressed envelope and payment (cheques payable to HMA Ltd). The company also stocks selected works by other specialist publishers, especially those written by the company's staff. These are labelled and may be subject to price changes beyond our control.

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Food and Cookery: 410 AD–1450 AD, 1550 AD–1660 ADClassical and Dark Age (400 BC–1000 AD)
Clothing and Textiles: 950–1580, 1580–1660 Medieval(1000 AD–1485 AD)
Agriculture: 1000 AD–1485 AD, 1580 AD–1660 ADEarly and Mid Tudor (1485-1580 AD)
Living History: These publications are designed to provide practical information and data for re-enactors or more general social historians. Late Tudor/Early Stuart (1580–1660 AD) Most of our books fall in this period, please use the topic section.
Military Matters Special Categories
Stuart Press books for sale Stuart Press books for sale at a re-enactors meeting