photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Clothes of the Common People In Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Volume 14: Men's Garments: Gowns, Frocks and Cloaks.


This volume covers 3 male garments; gowns, cloaks and frocks. The first two are characterised by not fastening down the front and being difficult to perform physical work in. They are probably garments for formal occasions, relaxation or sedentary occupations such as writing and reading, and with cloaks for travel. They are sometimes provided to the poor for funerals and with gowns as charitable gifts for the poor in London parishes and rural almshouses.

Frocks are rather different being a canvas garment work for protection by urban porters and some rural workers but again without evidence of front fastening or probably in most cases front opening unlike most male upperbody garments which generally button up.


Chapter Title Page
Gowns 3
Gown Colours 4
Gown Materials 6
Linings and Facings 8
Construction 9
Cloaks 50
Gown Styles
Mourning 13
Early Full Sleeve Gowns 16
Half Split Sleeve Gowns 20
Wide Caped and Short Gowns 24
Cloaks 26
Cloak Construction 29
Cloak Colours 31
Cloak Materials 33
Cloak Styles
Mourning and Livery Cloaks 34
Knee Length Caped Cloaks 37
Mantles and Rockets 43
Cloak bags 39
Frocks 48
Gaberdines 53
Frock Reconstructions 54

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