photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Clothes of the Common People In Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Volume 15: Men's Garments: Legwear part 1.


Male legware can be divided into a number of categories:

  • Main garments such as breeches and tights: Volumes 15 and 16
  • Overbreeches and Underwear: Volume 17
  • Stockings and Garters: Volume 18

Male legware is one of the most complex subjects especially in the area of terminology. This volume and the next examines the various terms and images for common men's main legwear garments, their materials, colours and construction details and as far as possible links words and images for the many styles found.


Chapter Title Page
Attachment 3
Hose Construction 4
Hose Materials 10
Hose Colours 14
Early Elizabethan Hose Styles 16
Men in Tights 16
Stocks 20
Chav Breeches 25
Slops 28
Later Elizabethan Hose Styles 30
Round Hose 30
French Hose 34
Gallygaskins and Early Deflater Hose 38
Venetians 41
Later Deflater Hose 50
Trunk Hose 51
Hose, Stocks and Breeches nomenclature 52
Breeches 54
Breeches Material 55
Breeches Colours 59

Breeches are continued in volume 16 which also contains all reproductions and patterns for the various varieties of breeches and hose.

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