photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Medieval Period (1000 AD–1500 AD)



Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Medieval Feast Menus 1380-1450 Menus from period cookbooks Robert Morris 24p £3.00
Dining in the Past 1450-1700 Etiquette and practice Jonathan Davies 44p £5.00
The Medieval and Renaissance Spice Trade 1100-1560 Menus from period cookbooks Jonathan Davies 28p £3.50

Specific types of dish

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Recipes from Miscellaneous Manuscripts Robert Morris 20p £3.00
Medieval Cookery 1430-1440 Divers Pottages Vol 1 Robert Morris 40p £4.00
15th Century Pies and Tarts Robert Morris 36p £4.00

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Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Medicine 600 AD to 1500 AD From Leach law and Magic to Classical humor therapy and Christian medical beliefs Hugh Petrie 32p £4.00


Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Dances For Living History Events Robert Huggett 48p £5.00
Dances for Living history Events 1440-1530 Music with called moves on side 1, music alone on side 2 Robert Huggett. (Cassette Tape) £5.00


Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
NEW! Medieval Sheep, and the Wool Trade. Sheep, Wool and the Wool trade in the Middle AgesJonathan Davies £3
English Medieval Agriculture 1000-1485 Robert Morris and Gilly Vanderkamp 45p £5.00