photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Film, Television and Radio Services

HMA Ltd offers a one stop shop for Front of Camera / Microphone requirements for the 1000-1660 period [Medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean, Stuart, Commonwealth]:

Past Credits include:

  • B.B.C.2
    • Tales from the Green Valley: 12 part series on farm life in 1620 filmed on one of our reconstructed historical landscape. We provided the original series concept, the historical specialists, costumes, artifacts, livestock and historical advice and site management.
  • C.B.B.C.
    • Do Something Different: Children’s program on living like a Tudor largely filmed during one of our living history displays.
  • ITV
    • Worst Jobs in History: Filmed at Grayhill Farm with Tony Robinson disemboweling sheep and searching for plague victims.
  • Channel 4
    • Blood on our Hands: 2 hour special on the English Civil War where substantial parts were filmed on our reconstructed period landscape.
  • History Channel
    • Izaac Waltons The Complete Angler
    • Deaths and Diseases: Gluttony: a reconstruction of a regency feast at Brighton pavilion, cooked on camera at the company headquarters in North Somerset.
    • The Tower: The “hall” at Grayhill farm standing in as a captive Medieval French kings private kitchen while he was held at the Tower of London.
    • The Millenium Oak: Partly filmed at the charcoal burning platforms in the coppice wood at Grayhill.
    • The Clothes Show: Episode on Monmouth Caps filmed at Goodrich Castle.
    • Penguin Suit
  • Independent companies Mentorn, Lion TV, Available Light etc.
  • Educational Videos by Powerpoint Productions
    • Tudor Lives
    • The Tudor Kitchen
  • Radio 4
    • Natural History Program Talks,
    • History in 6 Menus
    • Farming in Wales,
    • You and Yours,
    • Women's Hour,
    • The Archers [Specialist historical food and drink consultants].