photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Food and Cookery

Dark Age and Classical

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Food and Diet among Franks and Anglo Saxons 410 AD to 1066AD Robert Morris 17p £4



Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Medieval Middle Class Feasting. C15th Coventry Guild Feasts Robert Morris 32p £6
Medieval Feast Menus 1380-1450 Menus from period cookbooks Robert Morris 24p £5
Dining in the Past 1450-1700 Etiquette and practice Jonathan Davies 44p £7
The Medieval and Renaissance Spice Trade 1100-1560 Menus from period cookbooks Jonathan Davies 28p £5

Specific types of dish

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Recipes from Miscellaneous Manuscripts Robert Morris 20p £4
Medieval Cookery 1430-1440 Divers Pottages Vol 1 Robert Morris 40p £6
15th Century Pies and Tarts Robert Morris 36p £6