photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

English Civil Wars (1639–1660)—Battles Series

Battle books usually cover the background to the battle, a detailed account of the battle and details of the units involved. They also include contemporary accounts. Titles are arraigned by date of battle.

First English Civil War 1642-1646

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
The Battle of Powick Bridge 1642: Stuart Peachey. 24p £5
The Battle of Babylon Hill, Yeovill 1642 Robert Morris 20p £4
The Siege of Manchester 1642: John Barratt. 24p £5
The Battle of Aylsbury 1642 Sara Griffin 16p £4
The Sieges of Exeter 1642-3: Stuart Peachey 36p. £6
The Battle of Braddock Down 1643: Stuart Peachey. 28p £5
The Storming of Sudely Castle 1643 Robert Morris 16p £4
The Battle of Coleford 1643: Stuart Peachey. 16p £4
The Battle of Modbury 1643: Stuart Peachey. 40p £7
The Battle of Highnam House: John Putley. 16p £4
The Battles of Launceston and Sourton Down 1643:Stuart Peachey. 52p £8
The Siege of Reading. 1643: Sara Griffin . 52p. £8
The Battle of Stratton 1643: Stuart Peachey. 56p £9
The Battle of Chewton Mendip (see Lansdown and Roundway)
The Battle of Stoke Lane 1643: Robert Morris 20p £4
The Battle of Bradford on Avon (see Lansdown and Roundway)
The Battles of Lansdown and Roundway 1643:Robert Morris 48p £8
The Storming of Bristol 1643: Stuart Peachey. 44p £7
The Siege of Gloucester 1643: Robert Morris. 32p £6
The First Battle of Newbury 1643: Robert Morris. 36p £6
The Storming of Alton and Arundel 1643:Robert Morris. 28p £5
The Battle of Nantwich 1644: John Barratt. 36p £6
The Battle of Cheriton 1644: Lawrence Spring 28p £5
The Battle of Montgomery 1644: Andrew Abram. 44p £7
The Storm of Bolton 1644 (see Lancashire Campaign 1644)
The Siege of Liverpool and Lancashire Campaign 1644:John Barratt. 44p £7
The Siege of York 1644: Wylie Reves. 20p £4
The Battle of Cropredy Bridge 1644: Robert Morris 32p £6
The Battle of Marston Moor 1644: David Evans 32p £6
The Battle of Ormskirke 1644 (see Lancashire Campaign 1644)
The Battle of Tarvin 1644 (see Lancashire Campaign 1644)
The Battle of Malpas 1644 (see Lancashire Campaign 1644)
The Siege of Taunton 1644-5: Robert Morris. 20p £4
The Battle of Naseby 1645: Robert Morris 20p £4
The Battle of Langport 1645: John Barratt . 36p £6
The Siege of Chester and the Battle of Rowton Heath 1645:John Barratt 48p £8

Second English Civil War 1648

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
The Battle of St Faggins 1648: Dave Webb 36p £6
The Siege of Chepstow 1648: Dave Webb 16p £4
The Sieges of Pembroke and Tenby 1648: Tim Beardsworth 20p £4